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Vision & Mission


  • No program of action succeeds unless it has a vision, will, with all infrastructural facilities and other quality inputs to transcribe its objectives into reality.
  • Bkvs has the vision, the will and the infrastructural facilities and other quality inputs to transcribe its dream into reality.
  • Bkvs with all its conviction sharpen the analytical skill and mold our students into rational thinkers and turned them into a skilled workforce.


  • To continue building today’s youth for a promising tomorrow
  • Strong linkage with job market.
  • Supply of trained workers who are adjustable dynamically to the changing demands of employment and technologies.
  • Improving productivity and living standards of the people.
  • Enhancing individual’s employability and ability to adapt to changing technologies and labour market demands.
  • Create opportunities for all to acquire skills throughout life and especially for youth and women.
  • Our students are our strength. Our main mission is every year 10000 students should be skilled from our various centers.
  • All the courses offered by the organization are structured and in line with market demand.
  • Seminars, workshops and concealing campus are organized at regular intervals.
  • We have a centralized placement cell. This helps in the placement of Bkvs students through our in house placement portal.
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